Summary of Stages

Stage Purchases Featured decks MSRP
0 Core set Various beginner decks $40
1 Blood Money
2015 World Champion Corp Deck
Budget Foodcoats $30
2 Creation and Control
Future Proof1
True Colors1
Chris’ Kate and Making News Decks $60
3 What Lies Ahead1
Cyber Exodus1
Humanity’s Shadow1
Krystian’s Gabe and HB Engineering the Future Decks $45
4 Honor and Profit
Trace Amount1
Tim Bunn’s Ken Tenma and Jinteki: Personal Evolution Decks $45
5 Core set (second copy)
All That Remains
Run the Net’s Kit $55
6 Mala Tempora1 Nels’ Silhouette and Jinteki: Replicating Perfection Decks $15
7 Business First Run the Net’s EtF $15
8 The Source
Fear the Masses
2015 World Champion Runner Deck
Run the Net’s Whiz $45
9 Order and Chaos Eady’s Whizzard and Titan Transnational Decks $30
10 The Universe of Tomorrow Budget MinhMaxx $15
11 Kala Ghoda Jesse’s Edward Kim and Gagarin Deep Space Decks $15
12 Data and Destiny
Fear and Loathing1
Run the Net’s Spark $45
  1. Genesis or Spin cycle data pack